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The Mission is simple, to promote the game at grass root level, for kids who want to learn to play. To identify & develop future soccer stars amongst Australia’s soccer youth (links to overseas clubs).

Over the years, Tyrone James has perfected his skills as a coach and has credited qualifications. He provides specialist-training programs for specific age groups ranging from ages 8 to 16. Each player is assed so as to further enhance their strengths and overcome their weaknesses. Tyrone develops a specific program based on a number of factors such as position, age, experience etc.

The training that is provided is aimed at helping the players improve their game and their techniques, therefore the programs have to be monitored on a constant basis.

Vision of Play

  • Fitness Testing
  • Physical Strength
  • Speed Development
  • Ball Skill Development
  • Techniques and Tactics of Soccer

All aspects of dribbling skills covered in the program

Running with the ball
Players are taught how to run with the ball while retaining full control

Learning to receive passes with back to play

Turning with the ball
Learn how to turn defenders and leave them standing

Create match winning chances through accurate passing techniques

Be in the right position to receive most of the passes and control them with ease

The program teaches you how to use the best ball controlling techniques

Increase your goal scoring chances by playing the best shots

Goalkeeping (coach)
The program teaches you all the best goalkeeping skills

Coaching Structure

The Academy is structured to have 8 week in each term commencing dates are listed below.

TERM 1- Dribbling
30th Jan – 9th April

TERM 2- Passing/Receiving
2nd May – 3rd July

TERM 3- Shooting/ Heading
20th July – 25th September

TERM 4- Tackling
12th October – 18th December

Holiday Programs

Holiday programs will be held at the end of each term. The programs are offered to provide additional intuitions to players who felt the term was challenging and would like to gain more experience, also for those who can’t get enough of the sport.

Future information will be provide in the near future

Private Intuition

Private lessons are one on one. These are an intense structured lesson that allows the coach and the player to communicate in an environment with no distractions.

The lesson focuses on that player and their needs.
It really draws out and difficulties the player may have and the coach can then give the attention needed.

Group Intuition

Group lessons can vary from 16-22 players. This lesson encourages team work and skill building together. Players work in pairs or fours depending on the activities given from the coach. Different skills and drills require players to work as one to complete the task.

Group lessons are great for social interaction and social skills

Players Code of Conduct

  • When wearing the academy uniform you are representing the academy, therefore, you much act appropriately.

  • Players must be ready 10 minutes prior to training session.

  • All injuries must be reported to coaches prior to training session.

  • Players only respond to the coaches during the training session and games.

  • Speaking only one language (English) during the training and games

  • Players much be well presented.

  • Absents from training or games requires a 24 hr notification to the coaches.

  • Inappropriate behavior will lead to suspension from the academy and parents will be contacted and a meeting will be arrange to discuss and matters.

Goal Keepers

Tyrone James Academy of Football offer goal keeping coaching to all ages and abilities. A specialist coach is amongst our staff and takes a one on one lesson or in groups of four. The coach covers all techniques associated with being a goal keeper.

The academy has a network of contacts to help improve a football player throughout his career.

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